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I found an item in the catalog marked microfiche, microfilm, or microform. How do I locate it?

When you have used Library Search to find library resources about your research topic, your search results will indicate if a resource is on microform.

Example 1
This search result related to the topic of women’s suffrage gives the location “Main Library Microforms” and the call number “Micro- film 7025.” You will need the location and call number to find this item in the library.

Example 2
The library has many newspaper archives on microfilm. These do not have a specific call number. You’ll find them in alphabetical order in the newspaper microfilm cabinets.

How to find microforms in the library

The call number you find using Library Search will give you the location. Microforms are located at multiple libraries:
Main 3C
Main 3A (government documents & ERIC-education documents)
Science-Engineering 1 South
Fine Arts
Special Collections

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