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Does the library have my required textbook as an ebook?

If you're a student, check your student booklist on the UA BookStores' website (see "How do I access my booklist?" under Textbook FAQ). For each textbook, select Check UA Library for ebook ». You can also look in the Library Tools on your D2L Brightspace course sites. Course ebooks will be featured in the upper right corner.

If you're an instructor and you submit your required course materials through the UA BookStores' textbook adoption process on time, the library will automatically check for an unlimited-user ebook version of your required textbook(s). We buy these whenever they're available. Unfortunately, ebook licensing works differently for academic libraries than it does for individual purchases. Publishers don't make most titles available to us as unlimited-user ebooks for course use.

Instructors can check for ebook availability from the library before adopting a particular textbook.

It's very important for instructors to submit required textbooks through the UA BookStores' textbook adoption process each term, even if the ebook is available for free student use through the library (instructors should add a note about library ebook availability when submitting the textbook adoption form -- this helps the BookStores avoid buying too many copies).

The library does not have textbook reserves and textbooks are unavailable through interlibrary loan.

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