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Can I download, save, or print borrowed ebooks?

ndividual ebooks contain information about downloading, printing, and saving. Some ebooks can be downloaded for a specified period of time. But keep in mind that downloading an entire book may impact multi-user access, and may also require creating an account from the vendor's website and installing additional software.

The number of pages you can print or save also varies by provider. In general:

EBSCO Ebook Collection: Print up to 60 pages. Some publishers allow you to download the entire book for up to 21 days.
EBSCO ebook help

ProQuest Ebook Central: Print up to 40% of books. Download entire books for 1-14 days, depending on publisher.
ProQuest ebook help

O'Reilly (formerly Safari Books Online): You can print individual sections of a book. You cannot download an entire book.
O'Reilly ebook help

ScienceDirect: Download each chapter (PDF) to print or save.
ScienceDirect ebook help

SpringerLink: Download each chapter (PDF) to print or save. You can also download the entire book.
SpringerLink ebook help

Wiley Online Library: Download each chapter (PDF) to print or save. You can also download the entire book.
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