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When should I update the literature search as I near the end of my systematic review project?

It’s likely that a significant amount of time will pass between the initial literature searches and the point at which you are working on a manuscript. For that reason, plan to rerun the literature search to update search results before completing analyses of data from included studies.

You should update your literature search no more than six months prior to submitting an article for publication.

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Muka, T., Glisic, M., Milic, J., Verhoog, S., Bohlius, J., Bramer, W., Chowdhury, R., & Franco, O. H. (2020). A 24-step guide on how to design, conduct, and successfully publish a systematic review and meta-analysis in medical research. European journal of epidemiology, 35(1), 49–60. (See Step 24)


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