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How do I show video clips in my class?

Some of our video databases offer a way to create clips or link to specific sections of a video.

Films on Demand breaks videos into hyperlinked segments.

In Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press), look for the scissors icon to make a clip (requires log-in). Another option is to give students the start/stop times ("watch from 0:36 to 1:24," for example).

Kanopy offers instructions on creating playlists and clips.

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Another option is the Lumiere Film Clips Database.

This database, hosted by the University of California, provides access to thousands of film clips (3-5 minutes long) limited to registered instructors at participating institutions for use in online or hybrid instruction.

Lumiere’s primary focus has been on providing clips for use in language or film studies courses.

For copyright reasons, UArizona instructors will have access only to clips from films that are also held at the University of Arizona in an identical DVD copy (i.e., year, distributor, etc.).
Professors Chantelle Warner and Sonia Shiri are UArizona’s primary institutional contacts. If you have questions, please contact them, but only after first reviewing the Lumiere website.


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