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Changing Password on Macbook loaned from the library

A recent software update to MacOS is prompting users who have borrowed laptops from the library to reset the password in order to do basic things like install software. While we strongly recommend bringing the device in and swapping for a new one, if that is not reasonable for you, please follow these steps to change the password on the device:

1.         Select the Apple symbol in the top left corner.

2.         Select “System Preferences”

Apple Menu

3. Click “Users and Groups” icon in the second row



4.    First, select the UALGuest user account from the left column

5.    Then click, “Reset Password

Reset Password screenshot


6. Create your new password and then enter again to verify. Please see UA guidelines for creating secure passwords here: Consider using a passphrase since they are easier to remember, and longer passwords are more secure.


7.    To complete set up of your new password, enter your password hint and click, “Change Password.”

8.    Lastly, we recommend you use a password manager to keep track of all your passwords.  The UA provides access to a password manager called Stache.

9.    Check it out at .  Use your NetID to gain access to your account.

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