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How do I find more articles like the good one that I already have?

When you have found a good article, one of the best ways to extend your research is to use that article to find similar ones.

To do this, search for the title of the article in Google Scholar. This will find articles that cite the one you have found. Follow the link called "cited by [number]."

Example of a results in Google Scholar, showing a "cited by 144" link.

The articles you find will likely be related to the one that you have already found, since they have cited it.

Another way to do this is to use Library Search on the UA Libraries home page.  Search for the title of the article, click the title to view the full details about it,  and then look at the related articles that are listed to the right.

screen shot from Library Search showing related reading for a result

Learn more

To learn more, see this guide about Citation Chaining from Indiana University Libraries.

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