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How do I find more resources for my topic?

Once you have looked at some general databases, you’ll want to move into more specific resources. To figure out where to look next, consider the following questions.

  • What is your topic?
  • Are there books on this topic?
  • Has it been covered by the press?
  • Has it been researched by scholars?
  • Is there data about it?
  • Who might be writing about your topic? A topic like "race relations in prisons" might be explored by scholars in sociology, law, criminal justice, public policy, psychology, or ethnic studies.

You can use the “All Subjects” dropdown to find subject-specific databases.

Menu of database subjects

Do you need scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles, newspaper articles, data, or books?

  • For scholarly articles, go to the library databases.
  • For books, use Advanced Library Search and limit material type to Books. From your search results, filter to "in the library" for print books or "full text online" for ebooks.
  • For newspapers visit the Newspapers guide.

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To learn more, work through this tutorial: What types of sources do I need?

What types of sources do I need?

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