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How do I make sure I understand my research assignment?

Look at the assignment and answer these questions.   

  1. Have you been assigned a topic or can you choose a topic?
  2. What type of research is needed? Original research (such as survey or experiment) or secondary research (such as research published in books/journal articles)?  
  3. Do you need to analyze a topic from different viewpoints, or do you need to take one position and defend it?
  4. Are you required to use a certain number or type of resources in your research?
  5. What is the citation style that your professor would like you to use?
  6. Format/Length: Is there a page limit for the completed assignment? Have formatting guidelines, such as line spacing, numbering, or font size been given?
  7. What is the due date?

See UCLA’s Research Paper Planner to help guide you step by step through the research process.  

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For a more in-depth understanding take a look at chapter 2 of the text Research Like a Librarian.

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