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Information about public bulletin boards for hanging posters / flyers


Q: What happened to the bulletin boards in Main Library?

A. The two public bulletin boards on the 2nd floor lobby of Main in front of the stairwell and the personal messages board near the couches south of the stairwell were removed during construction. Once the Main Library renovation work is completed, we plan to revisit the need for a new public bulletin board and where it could be located.


Q: Are there other bulletin boards on campus that are available for posting?

A. There are bulletin boards available at the Student Union Memorial Center and at the Park Student Union. Public bulletin board policies for UA-related flyers/posters are handled on a case-by-case basis in buildings across campus.


Q: What are the policies for posting on the Student Union bulletin boards?

A. Information about the Student Union's bulletin board policies can be found on this page:


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